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RasPiBox Zero for Raspberry Pi Zero

RasPiBox Zero is an accessory for the Raspberry Pi Zero. The heart is an additional pcb with integrated USB hub, voltage regulator and breadboard. It fits together with the PiZero in a 3 module DIN rail enclosure.



  • milled 3 module DIN rail enclosure
  • assembled pcb with socket to plug a Raspberry Pi Zero
  • integrated voltage regulator (input voltage 9..35V via 2 was terminal block)
  • integrated 4 port USB hub
  • breadboard / proto board for own circuits
  • marked SPI, I2C and UART connectors beside the breadboard area
  • 2x 2 way terminal blocks to connect external componets to the breadboard


The Raspberry Pi zero is connected via an internal USB cable to the internal USB hub. This USB hub provides 4 USB ports to connect WLAN sticks, USB memory sticks, keyboards, USB-Relays and other USB devices to the Raspberry Pi Zero.

The breadboard area can be used to add other interfaces (RS485, RS232, inputs and outputs etc.) to the Raspberry Pi Zero.


Unfortunately our Kickstarter campaign was not sucessful. We've prepared a public poll to find out what you want.


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Datasheet for RasPiBox Zero
detailed datasheet
Datasheet RasPiBox zero Rev A.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 154.9 KB
circuit diagram V1.0
RasPiBox Zero V1-0.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 35.3 KB

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