Speaking thermometer with video output

Uzetherm is a example how to use the Uzebox platform for own home automation and measurement applications. This thermometer works with a I2C temperature sensor LM75 connected to PD5 (SDA) and PD3 (SCL) of the ATMEGA644.


  • digital temperature display in dotmatrix style
  • analogue thermometer
  • supports Celsius and Fahrenheit units
  • automaticaly demo mode (if no sensor connected)
  • voice files stored on SD card
  • voice output in German and English
  • mute button
  • language selection button


schematic and connection diagram for the temperature sensor
Adobe Acrobat Document 18.9 KB
Uzetherm V1.1
- Hexfile
- Uzefile
- Sound files for german and english
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 488.7 KB
Uzetherm V1.1
source code with Doxygen documentation
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 924.1 KB


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