The EUzebox is a retro-minimalist 8-bit open source game console. It is based on an AVR 8-bit microcontroller. 

RasPiBox Open

Put your Raspberry Pi project to a cab rail with RasPiBox Open.


USB HID modules (not only) for Raspberry Pi & Co

ArduiBox Open

ArduiBox Open is a DIN rail enclosure set for Arduino Uno

Display Shield

This Display Shield for Arduino and Raspberry Pi fits perfectly in our DIN rail enclosure kits

RasPiBox Zero

RasPiBox Zero is a Din rail enclosure kit especially for the Raspberry Pi Zero

Simon Says with ARM Cortex M0+

Simon Says game with LPC810 (NXP ARM Cortex M0+)

Raspberry Pi Mini arcade cab

A small Arcade cab build from a Raspberry Pi and an Arcadi iPAD Mini Enlosure

My (E)Uzebox Games

In this page you will find only games for the E/Uzebox programmed by me. Feel free to download the uze & hex files to play the games or the source codes to learn how to program own games...


A tiny arcade cabinet based on Arduino / gamebuino


Nunchuk2SNES is an interface to connect Nintendo WII Nunchuk controller to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) and the E/Uzebox.

EnOcean Unimodule

This module measure temperatures of your heating and/or solar thermal system and distribute the measured temperatures via the EnOcean wireless protocol.

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OLED Shield for Arduibox & RasPiBox