RS422/RS485 HAT

Professional RS422/RS485 Shield for Raspberry Pi with many options

RasPiBox Open

Put your Raspberry Pi project to a cab rail with RasPiBox Open.

RS422/RS485 Shield

Professional RS422/RS485 Shield for Arduino with many options

ArduiBox Open

ArduiBox Open is a DIN rail enclosure set for Arduino Uno

ArduiTouch ESP

ESP32, ESP8266, Nodemcu, touch, ILI9341

top wall mounting touchscreen for NodeMCU, Wemos D1 Mini, ESP32

RasPiBox Compact

din rail enclosure raspberry pi

Simple din rail enclosure without pcb for Raspberry Pi

ArduiBox MKR

din rail ( cap rail enclosure set for Arduino MKR series

ArduiBox NodeMCU

din rail / cap rail enclosure set for NodeMCU (ESP8266)

Display Shield

This Display Shield for Arduino and Raspberry Pi fits perfectly in our DIN rail enclosure kits

RasPiBox Zero

RasPiBox Zero is a Din rail enclosure kit especially for the Raspberry Pi Zero

SimpliBox IO

SimpliBox 485


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arduino uno yun RS422 RS485 modbus shield
RS422 / RS485 Arduino Shield