OLED Display Shield

for RaspiBox Open, RasPiBox Zero Lite  and ArduiBox Open

This smart OLED shield will extend your Raspberry Pi or Arduino with a grafic OLED display, 3 buttons und 3 additional LEDs. The shape fits exactely in our  RasPiBox Open, RasPiBox Zero and ArduiBox Open din rail enclosure sets, but you can use it without these enclosure kits too.


  • 0,96" OLED display, 128x64 resolution
  • I2C communication interface (only 4 wires needed)
  • plugable connection cable to Raspberry Pi or Arduino
  • pcb fits perfectely in RasPiBox and Arduibox din rail enclosure kit
  • 3 buttons
  • 3 LEDs
  • button and LED control via I2C
  • power supply 3,3V .... 5V DC
We provide 2 different versions for 3 module enclosures (RasPiBox Zero) and 6 module enclosures (RasPiBox Open and Arduibox).
OLED Shield
From 24,99 € 2


Datasheet Display Shield English
Datasheet display shield Rev A.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 161.2 KB

Raspberry Pi:

Construction & Programming Manual for RasPiBox Open
- electrical Connection to Raspberry Pi
- assembly in RasPiBox Open Plus
- Programming in Python
Display Shield and Raspberry Pi rev A.pd
Adobe Acrobat Document 491.2 KB
Construction & Programming Manual for RasPiBox Zero Lite
- electrical Connection to Pi Zero
- assembly in RasPiBox Zero Lite
- Programming in Python
Display Shield and Raspibox Zero rev A.p
Adobe Acrobat Document 271.0 KB
Sample code for Python
Display Shield RPi.zip
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 6.2 KB
Sample code IP address
Python code to shows the actual IP address and network status in the OLED display
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 91.6 KB


Construction & Programming Manual for ArduiBox
- electrical Connection to Arduino UNO
- assembly in ArduiBox Open
- Programming in Arduino IDE
Display Shield and Arduino rev B.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 327.1 KB
Sample code for Arduino
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 16.1 KB

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