M-Bus Raspberry Pi HAT

With this Raspberry Pi HAT you can extend your Raspberry Pi with functions for smart metering. The HAT provides an M-Bus master to which other M-Bus devices such as electricity, water or gas meters (with the appropriate interface) can be connected directly.



meterbus mbus raspberry pi
Functionality M-BUS HAT


  • M-Bus (Meter-Bus) Master
  • powered by an external 9..30V DC voltage (36V for the MBUS will be generated internally from this voltage)
  • up to 6 unit loads can be powered
  • isolated interface
  • selectable UART via jumper (with Raspberry Pi 4 only)
  • indicator LEDs for RX and TX 
  • removable block terminal for bus connection
  • stackable headers version




With libmbus, powerful C++ software is available for the Raspberry Pi, which can be used with the M-BUS HAT. If you prefer Python take a look to the pyMeterBus project.


This HAT is also available at ThePiHut.com.


Data sheet for M-BUS HAT rev B
Full documentation including istallation guide for libmbus software
Datasheet MBUS HAT Rev B.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.2 MB


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