RasPiBox Open+ for model A+, B+ , 2 B & 3 B, 3B+

The DIN rail enclosure solution for Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Raspibox din rail cap rail cabinet control box

Now that you've finally got your hands on a Raspberry Pi® , you're probably itching to make some fun embedded computer projects with it. What you need is an add on prototyping plate and a DIN rail enclosure from us to bring your project to a control cabinet.

We added some basic but essential goodies. First up, there's a big prototyping area, half of which is for THT parts and half of which is for SMD parts so you can wire up DIP chips, relays, and the like. Along the edges of the proto area, all the GPIO/I2C/SPI and power pins are connected and marked. You can connect your work via terminals with the world ouside the enclosure. Here are the main features of our enclosure kit:


  • milled cab rail enclosure (highest quality - made in Germany)
  • top shell with transparent cover (optional with closed cover)
  • for EN50022 DIN rails
  • prototyping plate - fits perfectely in the enclosure
  • 2x 2-pin terminal blocks
  • 2x 3-pin terminal blocks
  • 40 pole socket for the Raspberry Pi A+ , B+ , 2 B, 3 B
  • SSOP and SOIC breakout area for integrated circuits
  • 0805 and SOT23 breakout area for other SMD parts
  • pcb contains a layout for a 5V voltage switching regulator
  • for Raspberry Pi model A+, B+, 2 B, 3 B  and Zero only


We offer the  Raspibox Open Plus kits in 2 different versions:

  •  Version Basic: without the parts of the voltage regulator. (You can order these parts seperately form any electronic distributer ...)
  • Version Standard: includes the SMD parts für a 5V/1A voltage regulator (layout placed at the bottom side of pcb) / actual version 1.2 for Pi3 5V/1.7A voltage regulator (THT parts only)



DIY kit for RasPiBox Open+:

You can order your RasPiBox Open+ DIY kit in our web shop. This kit comes as a set of parts, a little soldering is required to put it together but its really easy, even a beginner can do it in 15-20 minutes or so.


This kit is also available at ModMyPi.com and m.nu 

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Latest Version 1.2

Datasheet Version 1.2 (for Pi3)
Datasheet RasPiBox Open Plus Rev C.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 228.9 KB
Assembly Instruction Version 1.2
includes instructions for basic and standard version
Assembly Instruction RasPiBox Open rev C
Adobe Acrobat Document 983.0 KB
Application note: Power Supply of RasPiBox (Version V1.2)
Different possibilities to power the Raspberry Pi with RasPiBox Open Plus V1.2
Application Note RasPiBox Power Supply R
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.8 MB
Application note: Z-Wave Integration
Assembly of an RaZBerry Z-Wave module in RasPiBox Open
Application Note RasPiBox Z-Wave Rev A.p
Adobe Acrobat Document 258.0 KB
Application note: RS485 Integration
Integration of a RS485 interface in RasPiBox Open
Application Note RS485 Rev A.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 195.4 KB

Older Versions

Datasheet RasPiBox Open Plus Rev B.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 416.9 KB
Assembly instruction
How to install the Raspberry Pi to a cap rail
Adobe Acrobat Document 517.1 KB
Assembly instruction for additional voltage regulator
Circuit diagram, component placement etc. for voltage regulator
RasPiBox voltage regulator construction
Adobe Acrobat Document 2.5 MB
Fritzing part
RasPiBox Plus design parts for open source electronic design automation (EDA) tool fritzing (www.fritzing.org)
RasPiBox Open Plus V1.1.zip
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 194.9 KB
Application Note: Power supply of a Raspbery Pi with RasPiBox
3 different ways to supply your Raspberry Pi with RasPiBox Open Plus
Application Note RasPiBox Power Supply R
Adobe Acrobat Document 329.5 KB


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