M-Bus FeatherWing

With this FeatherWing you can expand the well-known Feather microcontroller boards from Adafruit, Sparkfun etc. with functions for smart metering.

Feather boards are available from different manufacturers and for different platforms:

  •    RP2040
  •     ESP32
  •     ESP8266
  •     Cortex M0
  •     Cortex M4
  •     SAMD51
  •     STM32
  •     nRF52840
  •     and many more.

The M-BUS slave FeatherWing can be plugged onto a Feather microcontroller board to read consumption meters with a so-called P1 customer interface (e.g. electricity meters in Austria). You can also use the FeatherWing to create your own meters for the M-BUS (e.g. to provide self-recorded data for an M-BUS master).


  • M-Bus Slave Node
  • based on the TSS721 M-Bus Transceiver IC from Texas Instruments
  • isolated Interface
  • can be combined with any Feather microcontroller board


Arduino IDE

On our GITHUB account we have provided example code for reading consumption meters with P1 customer interface and DLMS/COSAM protocol

The Arduino M-BUS meter example shows how you can program your own simple meters.




Datasheet M-BUS Slave FeatherWing
Datasheet MBUS Slave Feather Rev A.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.6 MB


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