M-Bus MKR Shield

This Arduino MKR Shield will extend your Arduino MKR with smartmetering functions. The shield will provide a small M-Bus Master interface to connect and power meters or other M-Bus devices directely to the M-Bus terminals of this shield.


  • M-Bus (Meter-Bus) Master
  • powered by an external 9..30V DC voltage (36V for the MBUS will be generated internally from this voltage)
  • up to 6 unit loads can be powered
  • isolated interface
  • can be combined with any Arduino MKR board or Portenta H7




Arduino IDE

We are providing code of  a simple data repeater to analyse M-BUS data via an connected PC and also a basic M-BUS master to readout M-BUS slaves directly with the Arduino MKR.



For the Arduino Portenta Family a Micropython library including examples is available.

Please follow this tutorial for installation.



This shield is also available at ThePiHut.com.


Datasheet Arduino MKR M-BUS Shield
Datasheet MBUS Shield Rev A.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 2.0 MB


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